Monday, November 30, 2009

100% Adorable

Notable Firsts

This was a week of notable firsts. On Thursday Jordan's parents brought us Thanksgiving lunch and then we made our first road trip with Rylin to my parents two hours away. Needless to say, he slept the whole time! He got to meet my extended family on both my Mom and Dad's side and was passed around and loved on by EVERYONE.

The Wines Family

The Great Grandkids and Grandmother Wines
The trip back home on Friday started out rough, but Rylin passed out after we got on to the highway. Sunday, we made our first trip to church together. Once again, he was a champ. Doesn't he look cute in his Polo corduroy overalls and boots? Thanks Lindsay!

Sunday afternoon Tess, her Mom, and her Sister came over for a late Thanksgiving lunch. Tess's sister was at his birth, but lives in Austin, so she hadn't seen him since. We had a good visit with all of them.

Rylin & Aunt Oren

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Newborn Photos

Since I have been less than creative with taking pictures of Rylin, I enlisted the help of my good friend and photographer Jennifer Sebby to take some newborn pictures. We decided it might be fun to take a trip to Scott+Cooner (my old employer) to find some inspiration. For six years I worked in sales among some really cool modern furniture (not too mention some cool modern people), and I knew that we would find more than a few unusual props in the showroom. So we packed up on a Saturday, and headed downtown. Much to our surprise and relief, Rylin slept through the entire shoot! We had a lot of fun, and I think the pictures turned out great! Here are just a sampling. You can check out more of Jenn's pics here.


I know, just what you want to read...some sappy blog about Thanksgiving. I really feel overwhelmed by the thought. This year Jordan and I have so much to be thankful for, and I think I could write for hours about all our happy blessings. Just last year we sat in the middle of what seemed like the most frustrating holiday season. We were on a break from fertility treatments, and watching everyone around us get pregnant. I told myself that if I ever did finally have a family, I wouldn't take ONE thing for granted. So on that note (with a nod to all my good buddies out there who still hope and dream for a family blessed by children too someday) here are a few things that I can genuinely say I'm thankful for this year, because I remember what life was like without them.

lack of sleep dirty diapers 2 am feedings baby crying inability to shower daily achy back spit up and drool getting peed on fading social life cranky husband no spare dollars irrational fears lack of space no more packing easy dirty laundry less me time romance slow down early to bed smelly formula shortest bathroom trips crusty boogers waking early messy house soiled blouses noisy car rides

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our New Favorite Thing

So I read a lot of other Mommy blogs and I have found some cool baby products that way. I thought it appropriate to share one product that we don't know how we lived without. Rylin has enjoyed his soothie pacifier (those they give you at the hospital), and he takes it whenever he's sleepy. The only problem is that he tends to suck a little hard and pop it out of his mouth...which then involves one of us getting up every 5 minutes to put it back in. While visiting with my good friend Allison about my dilemma, she recommended our new favorite thing...the Wubbanub. Its a pacifier with a plushy on the end of it. Not only is it harder to loose (when dropped on the wood floor at 2am), but Rylin wraps his hands around it and it STAYS in his mouth. What a great invention...and pretty cute if I do say so myself!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So the last three weeks we have been a little couped up in our house due to Dr.'s orders not to go out. I HATE that the season has kept us from exploring things together, but we have taken resolve in walks around the neighborhood. Because the weather has been so beautiful, we have made them a daily ritual. Rylin loves his stroller as long as its moving, and Duke is finally getting the hang of walking next to it at the same pace.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Squeaky Clean

My cousin Candyce stopped by today to visit Rylin and it allowed me to get a few things done around the house, and to take a shower (something that has become a real chore lately).

Some time during the day, I went to change Rylin and discovered that his umbilical cord had fallen off. This prompted a detailed search of the house to find it (gross). After finally deciding that Duke had eaten it, I discovered it in the swaddle blanket.. So, Rylin got his first real bath today. He didn't like it a whole lot better than the spounge bath, but I did manage to catch a few pictures of contentment.

2 weeks and counting...

Two weeks old, hanging with Mr. Bulldog

I can't believe it, but Rylin was two weeks on Sunday. We went to the pediatrician on Monday for his check up and he weighed 9lbs 7oz! Definitely growing. He actually was not so happy about the appointment and made his momma proud by screaming through the majority of it. The good news was that it warranted a long nap when we got home! Here are a few pics of a much happier two week old...

hanging out in his swing

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hearing. Check.

When Rylin was born, I was told that he failed his hearing test, but not to worry, this was common after birth when newborns tend to have fluid in their ears. They scheduled him to be retested at 2 weeks old. My first the heck do you check a newborn's hearing?! Today I found out. We went back to the hospital where a nurse placed sensors on the back of his neck and head and covered his ears with headphones. She then played soft tones into his ears and then measured his brain waves. (Crazy!) I learned that hearing loss is one of the most common birth defects, but that doctors now have the capability to fit a one month old with a hearing aid and a one year old with an implant! All this to avoid any speech problems that could arrise due to the lack of hearing. Rylin slept through the whole process, but still passed with flying colors! I had to take a picture of him, though, because it was too funny!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Visits from Friends

I hesitate to say it, but I think we are getting into a groove. The latter part of this week was much easier than the first (which involved the breakdown of my body in a stress laden heap). Rylin has been sleeping in his bassinet at night all bundled in his swaddle blanket (bless the person who invented that thing, and bless those friends who bought them for me!) and has been spending more time awake during the day. I even ventured out on Thursday to see my buddies from work of which I so abruptly left a couple of Friday's ago. I tried not to get too emotional seeing them because we all know that I have now moved on to my new job (which I LOVE by the way), and will see them much less now. They were so excited to meet Rylin and we had a great visit. Here is the only picture I got (promise I'll get better) of Rylin and his "uncle" Dale.

We have had a steady stream of visitors since Rylin came home. Here are a few of his fan club members.

Aunt Ashley
Cousin Aubrey
Aunt Magdalene
Mary Alice
Today was another big day. We have been texting Tess since the entrustment ceremony, but haven't seen each other since then in order that we could all get adjusted. She and her mom were able to come by today for a much anticipated visit. Again, we are reminded of how blessed we are with the relationship we have with she and her family. We always enjoy our time together, and were all sad when they had to leave. Hopefully we will be seeing each other again soon.

Tess (LOVE this pic!)
He is changing every day, and I am surprised by different things he does all the time. He is definitely more vocal in the last week and hates getting his diaper changed and being sponge bathed (we'll be happy when the umbilical cord falls off). He now focuses on your face when you hold him, and likes to sleep with his hand in your shirt! He snorts when he gets mad, smiles when he passes gas, and puckers his lips when he wants his pacifier. His two week Dr's check up is tomorrow, but I already know the little guy has to be over 9 lbs by now. He loves to eat! All our cute newborn outfits are barely fitting now, so here are a few more pictures before we pack them up until the next baby(don't tell Jordan I said that)!

Duke has taken over the Boppy pillow!
bright eyes at 6am...he's a morning boy!
on our way to get Daddy Breakfast at Braums (and let him sleep)!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

iPhone update

I'm not sure who I've become. I used to be so on top of things. I LOVE photography and being creative, but I have to be honest...this little booger has taken it out of me for the moment! I now FULLY understand the new parent sleep deprivation and it has been hard on my body for sure! However, I am still loving every minute of it...just maybe not documenting it like I would quite like to. I'm sure I'll get the hang of things soon and you'll all be getting some of the cutest Christmas cards you've ever seen (that is...since the many Duke cards that I know you still have pinned on your fridge door). Until then, I'm cutting myself a break. Anybody that knows me knows that there is one thing that I can't live iPhone. It's pretty much the greatest thing that happened to me in 2008. Seriously. I love it. So it is usually by my side and it has been my only camera here lately. So since so many of you have been asking (repeatedly) for an update, I thought that I would let you enjoy some of the captured moments from the last two weeks via Apple.

a rare moment of sleeping while not being held

swaddled up like a burrito

a moment caught with Duke

my favorite furry boots...thanks Deliahna!

not ready to wake up!