Monday, November 3, 2014


Yes, yes, I'm a terrible blogger.  If you want more up to date photos and happenings, you're better off following me on Instagram: angelaeverhart.  I'll try to post the big things here but life is hectic and I do what I can.

So now that's out of the way....Halloween!  This year Rylin wanted to be a Ninja Turtle.  I was not feeling the $30 price tag for $3 worth of costume and October is our busiest month of the year, so I knew I couldn't handle a big DIY project.  Somehow I talked him into being just a ninja and it turned out pretty cute.  Just bought black sweats, black socks, and a $1 hood from the dollar store, cut up an old red t-shirt and he was set.  Miles went as a chicken, and though it looked complicated, was actually a pretty simple costume to put together also.  I saw a tutorial from Martha Stewart before I had kids and thought it was so cute.  This seemed like the appropriate year for a chicken...ha!  So a couple white feather boa's tacked to a white onsie we already had, some black and white leggings, a little hat made from old t-shirts and he was the cutest chicken on picture day at church and Fall Fest.  He left a trail of feathers and aww's everywhere he went! 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Five Years Old

How do I have a five year old?  I am seriously too young for that!!  Rylin turned five last Saturday and I can tell you that he has literally grown up so much over the last few weeks.  He is for sure my wild child, but I am noticing maturity in so many areas.  He still loves to be outside, climbing, yelling, and running, but he also will sit and play with Legos, draw, and listen to books more than he ever cared to previously.  He is a stinker when it comes to listening and obeying, but so so sweet.  He can butter you up with words so fast and loves to snuggle and hug.  He's outgoing and confident, always talking to strangers old and young wherever we go.  He loves telling stories and retelling what he's learned at school or church, almost always adding his own creative details.  He leaves me in stitches daily with some of the crazy things his little mind dreams up.  His favorite things right now are Ninja Turtles, Super Heros, playing games on the Kindle, playing board games(he's pretty good), and Legos.  His favorite foods are pizza and French fries (which he mostly gets in healthy versions) and chocolate ice cream with a cherry on top (the cherry is important).  He loves his little brother and is constantly getting in trouble for "pestering" aka hugging and kissing until Miles screams.

Two weekends ago he had a Rock n Roll birthday party at a local skating rink complete with a nacho bar, guitar cake, and microphone cupcakes.  It was pretty funny watching a bunch of five year olds skating, many for the first time!  I think some of the adults had just as much fun!

The invitation


Party Favors For the big kids: pop rocks, glow bracelets, harmonicas, tattoos, rock star glasses and shrinky dink guitar key chains  For the littles: Rockabye Baby CD's