Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year, New Updates

I'm a slacker...I know. Really I would like to say that we have been so busy LIVING life that I just haven't had a chance to document it! Our Christmas and New Years was a whirlwind with this crazy two year old. He is more active than ever (didn't think that would be possible a year ago) and we are on the go even when we're not going anywhere! Last week he spent four days and nights with Mimi & Papa while I helped out with sample sale at my old job/still part time job. It was a nice break for Jordan and I and we got to spend some quality time together and with some of our good friends. He LOVES Mimi & Papa and always has fun at their house, but I think he was ready to see us after that long. I got a big hug instead of tears upon his return and that made me feel good.

We finally had our home study two weeks ago. Lots of questions and boy am I glad it is over. Kind of feels like interrogation sometimes and I feel like our agency knows every detail of our family, marriage, past, and future! We found out we still have to have the fire marshal and health department inspect our home before approval...seriously?! So we are hoping to be really done in a couple of weeks.

Big Rylin update to come. He's growing way too fast!