Thursday, August 30, 2012

Saying Goodbye For the First Time

It's been a week today since we said goodbye to baby girl.  Family came forward to take her and so our 32 days came to an end.  Luckily, we had a couple of days from when we got the call to when I had to drop her off at the CPS office.  We were sad to see her go but hopeful that God already knows her future.  I got my weepies out the day before so our final goodbyes were short and surreal.  We still find ourselves checking the crib and swing...and back seat of the car.  My lip quivers a little at the sight of a pink sock or hairbow.  Having just two seems like a breeze! 

I know we'll be doing this again and I pray that we continue to trust in the plan that is much better than ours.  So many people ask about this part of foster care, the "goodbye", and want to know how it's possible.  To them I say that we know our primary purpose it to love these kiddos as long as they are in our care, give them the best of what we can offer, and pray for what lies ahead.  Is that easy?  Heck no!  But we do it anyway because we know it's worth it.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Gist of It

The Chickens started laying eggs!  We're getting two a day (Gerty isn't laying yet)

I got poisen ivy for my birthday from who knows where!

and a "new" car to accomodate my many children!

Petunia turned out to be Pete!  It was confirmed when he started crowing one morning!

Pete got a new home fast and is loving his new life in the country with many hens!

Rylin had fun at a most creative pet themed birthday party for his friend Penelope.

 I have learned to venture out with all three even if it's tricky!

Rylin is getting good at doing "chores" around the house.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Where did July go?

So whatever I said about being busy before...scratch that.  Almost two weeks ago we accepted our second placement, a one month old baby girl.  That's three kids under three and they have us on our toes for sure!  We have all had some "adjusting" to do, especially Rylin, but it has been fun having another girl around the house.  I didn't waste any time stocking up on bows and dresses, completely tasteful of course.  Then this week I left Jordan with all three to fly to Mexico with my Mom to be in my cousin, Candyce's wedding.  My friend Bethany helped out a ton by keeping the kids two days so Jordan could work, but I think he had a few sleepless nights shuffling feedings and kids crawling into bed. We had a fun, quick vacation but I was ready to get back.  I'd love to post some cute pic's of Baby Girl (as we find ourselves calling her) but because I can't, here are a few from my jaunt to Mexico.