Thursday, August 22, 2013

2 Months Old

Our sweet Miles was two months this week! 

He now weighs 13lbs 10oz (85%) and is 24 1/2" long (75%).  He is all smiles these days and even gives some little giggles.  He's wearing 3-6mth clothes and size 2 diapers.  He loves baths, wants to be held every second of the day, likes being worn in the Moby or Mei Tai wrap, and has finally started taking a paci.  He's obviously a good eater and has been doing pretty well sleeping.  He goes around six hours at night between feedings and takes a long afternoon nap with little cat naps the rest of the day.  He loves his big brother and being outside (which we haven't done much of with 100+ temps).  Time is flying by so I'm just trying to soak up this cuddle baby time while I still can!  

Monday, August 12, 2013

Everyone Loves Miles!

We've had a lot of visitors over the last few months to come meet and love on our little guy.  Here are a few of their sweet faces!

Miles & his cousin Clifton

MiMi & Papa




Hanging out with Daddy


He's gonna be a Mama's boy!

Grandmother Wines

Aunt Anna & Cousin Luke

Cousin Emily

Cousin Mitchell

Aunt Ashley

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Activities

We've had a busy summer as you may have guessed and we've spent a lot of time entertaining a certain active three year old.  If you know Texas, the last three months have been scorchers so there was a lot of water involved in our activities!

 Rylin having a run through our homemade sprinkler.

 Jordan smoking some yummy brisket.
 Rylin had swim lessons for two weeks.  Miles slept through them:)

I tried a Pinterest idea of freezing toys in water and letting Rylin break apart the ice block.  He was excited to have a "hammer" but the fun only lasted about five minutes.  He was apparently a good excavator!
 No chickens were harmed in the making of this fun!

We tried out KidMania with friends.  A climbing tunnel about five times the size of this photo.  Rylin and Attie loved it!

The spray park was another fun outing.
 Rylin and Attie decided they'd try and drink the water.  Boys.

One day when it was raining, we hit up the mall play place with friends.  Atticus, Adelay, and Rylin are quite the trio!

A couple weeks ago we had to go check out the new cupcake ATM by Sprinkles.  Yep, an ATM where you can get cupcakes 24 hours a day.  Yum!

Rylin is getting really good at riding his bike.  He and Jordan have been taking evening rides.

His latest talent is stacking his toys.  It's practically art!

At the spray park again!

Now that summer is wrapping up I'm looking forward to cooler temps and a more regular schedule, but I am going to miss our lazy mornings and fun with friends.

Friday, August 9, 2013

July Baby Shower

A few weeks ago my family gave me and Miles a super creative baby shower in Waco.  They picked a cute little space in a boutique market there and really went all out.  The decor was camping themed as that is what I'm currently working on switching the nursery over to.  We had veggies and sandwiches, Petit Fors, coffee punch, and a smores bar.  

 My cousin Valerie holding Miles cousin, Clifton just 11 weeks older than Miles.

 They had guests decorate wood blocks that my brother cut out and then took and finished.

 They decorated the tables with baby photos of Jordan, me, and Miles.

 Sweet Miles slept through most of it!

 I had a really good time and felt very blessed.  My sis-in-law Anna and cousin Crystal did a majority of the planning and I was truly impressed with all their hard work!