Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

I just read my friend Kelly's post about how much she loves Christmas cards, and I can't help but agree. I love getting cards from friends and family. It helps me get in the mood for Christmas, and I enjoy seeing how their families have changed over the years. I also love making my own cards because it's pretty much another excuse for me to get creative. I like pictures most and here are a few from my past Christmas cards.

Feliz Navidad!

You'll notice that Duke was our cute little subject for our early married years. He was pretty much our baby (and a cute photogenic one at that). But last year he got trumped (though he was mentioned)!

This year I decided to combine my two cuties. Here are a few of the pictures I got. You'll just have to wait for the Christmas card to see my favorite:)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Active is an understatement

I am literally wiped as I type this. It seems that in the last two weeks Rylin has gone into hyper drive. This boy doesn't stop! He is constantly moving and getting in to EVERYTHING. He has figured out how to crawl onto the bed, sofa, fireplace, entertainment center, and open drawers and get in or use them to reach on top of things. He runs like a sprinter (especially with items he's not supposed to have in his hands...i.e. oreos, leaves, my phone, the remote), grabs at anything within reach...cords, outlets, books on shelves, table top accessories, opens all doors, drawers, boxes, bangs on all surfaces, drags what he can't pick up, pulls down what he can't reach, and generally terrorizes all animate or inanimate objects in site. I hope it means he's going to be healthy and active...ha, ha. All that being said, we had quite the busy Thanksgiving holiday with family. Jordan instituted the "zone defense", which he forced all family members to comply with. Whoever's "zone" he fell within was instructed to keep him from danger or destruction. I think we had a few tired grandparents by the end of the weekend!

With all this new action has also come quite the personality. Rylin still loves giving out kisses (now with a "mua" sound added) and has started blowing them too! He is always hugging and kissing everyone and everything. Even the characters in books (including tractors), Duke or any dog he sees, the sofa, his toys...everything! He is repeating a lot of words now, but consistently says things like "hi", "hair", "hot", "duck"(duke), "Attie"(his buddy), "daddy", "momma", "cheese"(as in cheese for the camera), and today has been on a kick of "thank you". He also said "papa" this weekend, much to the dismay of Mimi! He loves dancing to music and stopping to do the Rylin shuffle (as we now call it) when he hears a commercial on TV that has a soundtrack he likes. He loves for me to read him books and will bring me his favorites (Peekaboo, Tractors, and Brown Bear). He hands me the book and then plops in my lap ready to turn the pages. He's also learning what different things are used for. Last week he grabbed my brush and started combing his hair (with the wrong end of course) and this week he has started holding the phone to his ear, putting on Jordan and my shoes, pointing the remote at the TV, and clicking on the computer mouse. Such a smart little boy...but oh so busy! He never ceases to keep us on our toes and smiling!
Getting into trouble

Who says grocery shopping is work?

loving on Duke

first Turkey Day dinner

Some wagon time with our friends...
Henry & Rylin
Attie and Rylin
making Attie do the work...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Formula Freedom

I'm sure we will find something to replace it, but this month we are celebrating a little extra $$ left in our bank account. Rylin is officially off formula! It was Jordan's idea to keep all of the containers (which have taken over the storage in our garage) and have a one year photo commemorating this big event. I think the recycling truck driver might kill over when he gets to our house this week!

So for you nerds out there, here are all the facts...

In one year Rylin has consumed:
101 containers of Similac (25 liquid, 76 powdered)
around 2,000 bottles
over 10,000 ounces
almost 65 gallons

and the big one...
roughly $2,000 worth of formula!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Festival

Since Rylin was a bit young for trick-or-treating this year, we opted for our church's Fall Festival as our dress up opportunity (never mind the fact that we are our Sunday school class directors and had to be there anyways). You probably know that I am the type of crafty girl who would whip up a creative little costume for my one year old, but you might be surprised. I found Rylin's outfit at a consignment sale back in August and couldn't resist. I was relieved that it still fit him and that it ended up being a pretty cool night so he didn't sweat to death in it. We got all kinds of compliments on our little elephant and he really played the part...grinning and shaking his ears at anyone who paid him the least bit of attention!

Rylin and Atticus in the Zoo game booth