Monday, July 9, 2012

One month in photos...backwards!

 4th of July with family in Arlington

 Rylin cheesing with Nana

 my little dare devil flying off the diving board

 the chickens asking to come in for some air conditioning

caught in the baby headlock...and Rylin's attempt at photobombing

 Jordan and Rylin at the spray park

 sassy little hula dancer

 Playdate with friends and the sprinkler I made out of PVC

 my silly preggo friends...Hannah, Deliahna, & Bethany

 first trip down a water slide and loved every second

 mowing with Dad

 homemade beef jerky...yum!

 splashing in his giant pool

my first two babies wanting some attention

Busy Update

About once a day I think that I should probably update the blog.  The problem is something always keeps me from it.  Someone is watching Wonder Pets on the computer.  Someone needs to be fed.  Someone needs to be changed.  Someone needs to go to the potty.  Someone wants dinner.  I am one busy Momma around here, but I can say that I'm one happy Momma too. 

The last three weeks with our new little charge have been tiring but oh so fun.  Mr. D is getting settled into our home and even sleeping a "little" better.  He's a laid back little guy and likes to sit quietly and observe the chaos that is Rylin.  Speaking of Rylin, he LOVES his new little brother.  He kisses him constantly and tells me how cute he is.  When he doesn't see him, he asks where he's gone.  I pray for his sweet little heart and this seemingly temporary situation.  I so hope that fostering is a good thing for him and I know deep down that it will be.  After a not so fun three hour WIC office visit today with both kids (all foster kids get WIC and medicaid), I was quick to test out our card tonight when I went on a rare child free grocery outing.  Clueless about how to use it, the nice cashier at the self check out was helping me when I explained that we were new foster parents.  He immediately lit up and told me that his parents were foster parents throughout his childhood and how much he enjoyed growing up with more siblings than any of his friends and making lifelong connections with many of them.  He was reassuring that Rylin would some day be grateful.  (Thanks God, for a little confirmation when I needed it most)

So our lives are a little hectic right now.  I've got Dr.'s appointments, lawyer and social worker visits, and lots of exciting paper work that seems to never end.  I know that some day I will catch my breath and all this "stuff" will become second nature.  Until then, forgive the lapse in updates and email me if you want to know how things are going!  I'm slightly better at that:)