Sunday, December 30, 2012

Catching Up Before the New Year

Slacking as usual...we've had a busy few months and to be honest, blogging has been the last priority for me.  So once again, here's a quick update in photos of our December.  I hate that I have to leave out so many because of our little Mr. D.  He's a cutie and I'd love to share his chubby little face with you but Rylin will have to do for now.

We started off December with going to the Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree.  It was a cool and cloudy day and perfect weather for our outing.  Rylin was very independent and insisted on sitting by himself on the hayride to the field where the trees were planted.

After we found our "perfect" tree, the boys set to cutting it down.

We celebrated Mr. D's first birthday on the 9th with a "Little Man" party at our house complete with bow ties and mustaches.  This little guy has been such a fun addition to our family and we were excited to get to share this milestone with him.

We headed to my parents the weekend before Christmas for our extended family party and stayed through Wednesday for some great family time.  My Mom always goes all out for the holidays and this year was no exception.

The grand kids made their annual ginger bread houses (and train) with Mimi, we relaxed, we sat by the fire, we drank hot cocoa, we listened to Johnny Mathis, we ate more than we should, the kids opened presents on Christmas eve, we went to Christmas eve service, and on Christmas morning everyone enjoyed all the goodies that Santa brought.  Nothing like seeing the excitement in all of the kids eyes and reminded me of when I was their age.  I love the holidays!

We returned home on Wednesday to snow...and some very cold chickens!

I bundled up the boys and let them have some fun.  Poor Mr. D was less than enthused with my footwear improvisation.  He can blame my Aunt Polly for that idea:)

Rylin loved the snow and didn't want to come inside.  I practically had to drag him while bribing with chocolate and a movie!  The next day when he woke up he ran to the window and yelled "Mommy!  Where's the snow?!"  Poor guy!