Monday, October 22, 2012

A Whole New Wardrobe I wish, right?!  As I mentioned a while back, Jordan and I have changed our diet in a pretty significant way this year.  After reading the Primal Blueprint, we have eliminated all grains, white potatoes, sugar and artificial sweetener, started buying a lot more veggies, cut down on our dairy, and tried to stick to organic and grass fed meats.  We eat lots of bacon and good fats and avoid processed and "convenience" foods.  The results have been HUGE for our family and for my own weight loss.  We both have said goodbye to any and all stomach issues, I lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure, Jordan (being a type 1 diabetic) has lowered his A1C, lost 10 lbs of body fat, and we have a new love for the Y doing Yoga together (he'll kill me for that one).   Last month I passed the 65lb weight loss mark!  Crazy to think I was at a point where I needed to loose that much weight.  In doing so though, NONE of my clothes fit.  This is my kind of problem except I don't really have the cash to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe.  So....I've slowly been adding some things via thrift stores.  With a little patience and creativity, I think I've scored some great new pieces.  So to brag on myself a little bit, here is my dramatic before and after!

I honestly had to search for a picture of myself "before".  I did not allow a lot of them to be taken.  And looking at it I can see why!  If you're tired of the same old failing diet or of feeling sluggish and less than alive, I encourage you to check out the Paleo diet.  A friend of mine encouraged me for over a year to do so and now I am seriously grateful!  No, I don't buy into the whole notion that we "evolved" to eat this way, but I do agree with the nutrition behind it, our governments flawed food pyramid, and obviously my results.