Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

I just read my friend Kelly's post about how much she loves Christmas cards, and I can't help but agree. I love getting cards from friends and family. It helps me get in the mood for Christmas, and I enjoy seeing how their families have changed over the years. I also love making my own cards because it's pretty much another excuse for me to get creative. I like pictures most and here are a few from my past Christmas cards.

Feliz Navidad!

You'll notice that Duke was our cute little subject for our early married years. He was pretty much our baby (and a cute photogenic one at that). But last year he got trumped (though he was mentioned)!

This year I decided to combine my two cuties. Here are a few of the pictures I got. You'll just have to wait for the Christmas card to see my favorite:)


  1. Rylin and Duke are so good together!!

  2. Duke loods so happy to be there. :) Rylin is getting SO big! miss yall and I'm glad your posting again! :)