Sunday, November 21, 2010

Formula Freedom

I'm sure we will find something to replace it, but this month we are celebrating a little extra $$ left in our bank account. Rylin is officially off formula! It was Jordan's idea to keep all of the containers (which have taken over the storage in our garage) and have a one year photo commemorating this big event. I think the recycling truck driver might kill over when he gets to our house this week!

So for you nerds out there, here are all the facts...

In one year Rylin has consumed:
101 containers of Similac (25 liquid, 76 powdered)
around 2,000 bottles
over 10,000 ounces
almost 65 gallons

and the big one...
roughly $2,000 worth of formula!


  1. such a cute idea! could have done without the dollar amount. :) with Holden we were able to transition pretty quickly to generic brand formula, which is a nice saving. with Pax's sensitive tummy, we walked on eggshells with the formula and had to buy the pricey stuff. but i had no clue it was 2k!

  2. I love it! That is awesome that you kept all the containers!

  3. Honestly I thought it would be more! Hope all is well in the Everhart home! Love yall!

  4. oh my, oh my- thanks for giving me a heartattack!! ;-)

    we were on similac too until the recall- so i'd say for a total of 8 months maybe? $ $ $ ugh!

    BUT i LOVE the picture-- your hubby had a grand idea!

    and really even tho the cost is sickening the facts are pretty cool- unreal to think they consume that much when you're just giving them a little at a time!

    thx for sharing!

    oh and CONGRATS on the freedom!!!!! we've just got a couple months hopefully!

  5. That is hilarious!! Isn't it awesome to go from a $20 can of formula to a $1.50 jug of milk?!?

  6. Lol....great idea JORDAN!!!!! I am sure Angela is happy to declutter the containers. Cute. He could be the poster child for that brand. Next hurdle-potty training....