Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Festival

Since Rylin was a bit young for trick-or-treating this year, we opted for our church's Fall Festival as our dress up opportunity (never mind the fact that we are our Sunday school class directors and had to be there anyways). You probably know that I am the type of crafty girl who would whip up a creative little costume for my one year old, but you might be surprised. I found Rylin's outfit at a consignment sale back in August and couldn't resist. I was relieved that it still fit him and that it ended up being a pretty cool night so he didn't sweat to death in it. We got all kinds of compliments on our little elephant and he really played the part...grinning and shaking his ears at anyone who paid him the least bit of attention!

Rylin and Atticus in the Zoo game booth


  1. It looks like he had so much fun :-D
    And I was very surprised that you didn't make his costume, but how could you resist the ears! :)