Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

I know I've been slacking lately in updating the blog, but it is for good reason. (Don't I always say that?!) December always seems to be crazy filled with parties, traveling, and holiday events. This year is no exception, but we have been careful not to overload our schedule too much and miss the important things. We are excited about making new holiday traditions with our family and teaching Rylin about why we celebrate this season to begin with. As I've mentioned in the past, Christmas was a big deal in my family, and it began with setting the mood early in December. A couple of weeks ago, Jordan, Rylin and I did just that. I had hoped to visit a tree farm to cut our own down, but after a busy weekend, opted to visit our trusty Home Depot instead.

Rylin quickly learned to say "tree" and probably pointed and repeated that word over a thousand times...and who knows how many times since that night! We picked a nice fat one for our living room, and Rylin helped me put on a few of his ornaments from last year. Notice the stockings are hanging higher this year!

Now a gate safely keeps our tree from some tiny fingers who would like to disassemble it one needle at a time! He still gets excited every time I plug in the lights and I love seeing his big cheesy grin.

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  1. The Waite tradition was to open one present under the tree on Christmas Eve. Kyle's family makes a red velvet cake and sings happy birthday to Jesus. I think when the time comes Kyle and I will do both with our kids! Loved the picture you picked for your Christmas card and Harsha Wines does sound like you and Kyle are getting hitched!! lol xoxo!