Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Deja vu

Things can sure change in one year and I'm feeling a little nostalgic. A year ago today we found out that Tess picked us to be the parents of the son she was expecting. You may remember this post. The week before was the first time we met her and this was the picture we took at our agency.

yes, that's a chihuahua with a broken leg! Little Tux:)

Fast forward. Our baby boy is almost one and the love of our lives, and Tess is a member of the family we only dreamed we'd have. A couple Fridays ago, we spoke again at our agency to a group of prospective adoptive couples...and this time we took Tess with us! We all had a lot of fun reliving our story and trying to explain our relationship (with all its quirks) to these couples who were seeing an open adoption for the first time from both sides. Tess is great at being honest, so I know they learned the most from her. So this was our updated picture!

I thank God every day for the blessing He so thoughtfully weaved from two different worlds of pain. We may look different from most, but we're a family just the same!


  1. Amazing! Glad you're getting to share your journey to encourage others. :)