Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fair Day

Rylin's birth mom Tess had her sister in town this week, so we decided to get together for a fun outing. The weather has been unbelievable in Dallas, so last night, after a scrumptious dinner at their favorite Mediterranean restaurant (Tess's Mom's family is Lebanese), Tess, her mom, her sister, her sister's boyfriend, and the three of us headed to the State Fair.

Rylin was unimpressed by Big Tex, but quite enthralled with a giant pig they had on display. He jabbered the whole time we were at his cage! Then I hesitantly shared the story of how I used to raise and show pigs. (a fun fact I typically don't tell people when I first meet them...for obvious reasons!) I'm pretty sure they didn't hold it against me, though.

Then we headed over to the petting zoo, where we enjoyed visiting with the goats, cows, zebras, camels, kangaroos and even a giraffe. As I've mentioned before, Rylin has a thing for trying to kiss Duke with an open mouth. I was quite horrified to notice him attempting the same thing with a goat. Not sure what to do with this boy!
We then took a ride on the big ferris wheel. I don't think Rylin even realized what we were doing because it moves so slow, but he does look worried in this picture!

Tess's Mom Nanette, Sister Oren, and her boyfriend Jordan
Tess, Oren, and Jordan rode a crazy spinning ride that we were happy to sit and watch from afar. I think Rylin was relieved he was too short for this one!

After a lot of contemplation, we settled on some fried Oreos and fresh squeezed sugared up lemonade, and called it a night. Rylin was gassed since we pushed his bedtime back to nearly 10, but was a trooper the whole night and we had a lot of fun.

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  1. Howdy big Tex!!! Kyle and I went to the fair once. We dished out $50 within five minutes of walking in so we decided not to partake the next year. :) Glad to see yall are still having a great time! Kisses and squeezes to the Everharts!