Friday, October 15, 2010

Houston Family Weekend

Last weekend our family loaded up and headed to visit our cousins from humid Houston, and surprisingly, the weather was fantastic! Since Tess's grandparents also live close by, we hooked her into joining us so that we could make a quick visit. We stayed Friday and Saturday at my cousin Kim's house where the men did their usual couch-napping-football-watching, the kids swam in the pool, and the women chatted and took lots of pictures. It was a great time and my extended family enjoyed getting to meet Tess. The girl cousins took a quick liking and had her teaching them flips in the pool and sleeping in the camper with them.

Rylin with some of his boy cousins
Rylin LOVES swinging
swimming with Daddy
The girlsAfter a yummy Sunday lunch at my Aunt Freda's, Rylin, Tess and I drove to her grandparents (Jordan had to go back to work). They loved meeting Rylin and of course thought he was so smart and cute! They gave him the sweetest little Adidas sweat suit and toy train that he has loved playing with.

I left Tess to spend the night with her grandparents and Rylin and I went to visit my cousin Crystal and her husband Rick. They recently found out they were expecting, so Crystal and I spent Monday morning shopping for fun baby things. We have our fingers crossed that Rylin will have a little boy cousin, but we won't be too disappointed if it is another girl:)
Crystal let Rylin play in her pots and pans
Monday afternoon I picked up Tess and we had a great dinner with Crystal and Rick. Then Tess dyed my hair (yikes!). I have been wanting to dye my hair red for a long time but really haven't had the guts. I went VERY safe, so the result is quite subtle. I figure I will ease into the whole Angie Everhart look! (sorry no pics of that)


  1. hair pictures needed!!!!! ;)

  2. Ooooo! Red hair! I want to see too! Congrats to crystal for her bundle on it's way!