Friday, October 29, 2010

1 Year Old!

On Monday Rylin turned one! Hard to believe we have a toddler! He is now 24 pounds and 31 inches long. He loves to RUN everywhere and get into everything! His newest accomplishment is climbing on top of the fireplace hearth. His vocabulary is increasing too. In the last few weeks he has added, "Attie"(Atticus) and "Hi". He still says "Daddy" the most, though he goes on kicks of "Mommy" and "Bye, Bye". He LOVES Duke and looks intently for him whenever he wakes up. Usually he finds him quickly because he's always somewhere snoring! Duke is becoming more tolerable as I think he has decided that the attention of a one year old is better than none! Rylin has a big appetite and will eat just about anything. His favorite is still blueberries, though cheese is a close second.

Rylin & Attie
For his birthday, Jordan and I made him a water table. And by Jordan and I, I mean Jordan made it. It was my idea, though! Yes, it is getting cooler here, but Rylin loves to play in Duke's water bowl, so I decided we could make him a table to play with inside. So far it isn't too messy...though, I know that could change:)


  1. those are GREAT pictures!!! i love how him and his little friend have those posed smiles-- isn't it so funny they do that??! :)

    happy bday rylin!!

  2. ps i'm impressed w/ the water table!! my first thought was Malachi would like something like that, but my 2nd was that he actually wouldn't b/c he'd want to be IN it!!