Monday, September 27, 2010

11 Months Old

This picture about says it all! On Saturday Rylin turned eleven months old! In less than one month we will have a one year old! It still seems unreal to me. In the last month he has grown so much and is definitely a full on toddler. He now gets around on two feet very well and is in to just about everything he's not supposed to be. His favorite "no-no's" are the dog bowl, telephone(which he's dropped out the doggy door more than once), remote(we couldn't find for 3 days until I did laundry and discovered it hidden away in a basket), and kitchen and bathroom doors and drawers. We have been feverishly trying to get child locks on everything...or should I say, Jordan has been! He jabbers ALL THE TIME now in a language all his own. It sounds a little like German, though I'm sure the Germans would beg to differ! He has four teeth and eats all kinds of grown up food. His favorites are still blueberries, chicken, and beans of any kind. He has a happy disposition and likes to smile for just about anyone, but gives the biggest grins to his Daddy. He loves Duke and has added something sounding like "duck" to his vocabulary this week when running in his direction! He also says "bye, bye", "dada", and "momma". His favorite toys are wooden blocks and puzzles, which he mostly just chews on and then leaves in various random places around the house. He has figured out how to clap in the last week, and frequently gives himself a round of applause! He is great at showing affection and loves to give hugs and kisses to us and his little friends (who don't always appreciate them). He is a cuddler when he is sleepy and hard to resist! What would we do without him?!

green bean cigar


his "I'm up to no good" face

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  1. laughing outloud at his little cigar!! ;)

    i love how his little hairs are curling up by his ears in the first picture :)

    guy, he's so cute--and still does remind me some of my malachi!