Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter in Leroy

Easter in my family has always been a big deal. It is definitely our largest family and friends gathering, and I have many great memories from my childhood of the holiday. Beginning with coloring eggs the Saturday before, going to church Easter morning in a new dress, having a big pot luck lunch, and the traditional Easter egg hunt where everyone (adults included) set out to find the dyed egg with their name on it. There are some legendary stories of eggs being buried, put in craw fish holes, and even a rumor of an egg of a certain deceased great aunt being found! Easter in our family is definitely fun. So you can imagine my excitement in getting to share all this with Rylin & Jordan. Here are a few pics of our weekend. I've posted more on our Shutterfly share site here.
Rylin in the bluebonnets
Mommy & Rylin
Daddy & Rylin (two sharp dressed men)
Grandmother Wines & Rylin

Rylin got lots of love from family this weekend, but he also got to meet his cousin Bonnie for the first time. You may remember me talking about her arrival here. Bonnie is two months younger and much more dainty. She is a real cutie, and I'm sure they will be curly headed pals.
Rylin & Bonnie

Our little Easter Bunny who loves to hop these days!


  1. Love the pics! I'm sorry we didn't make it to see y'all. It looks like a ton of fun!

  2. I always miss you the most during Easter. Even though I only got to come once I miss it every year I can't make it. So excited to see yall in May! PS- Rylin is too cute in his little Easter outfit!!

  3. 1st- pic of him in bunny ears is priceless!
    2nd- i'm wanting to follow you, but i don't see a 'follow' button on your blog...maybe i'm blind or a little slow??

  4. you can "subscribe to" on the left side or follow through your dashboard. I just don't have the link with pics of my followers. Thanks for stopping by!