Monday, December 21, 2009

Over the weekend

After almost two months of sleeping in the bassinet in our room, Jordan and I decided maybe Rylin should move to his crib in the nursery (afterall, we did a lot of work to get it in there on time!) This was definitely harder for me than it was for him. I like being able to hear his little coos and know that he is sleeping soundly. I carefully set up our video monitor and tried to go to sleep myself instead of stare at the little screen. Needless to say, we both made it through the night, though I had to get up and re-swaddle him a couple of times. I think he's officially outgrown the swaddle blanket and I'm not convinced I can get a regular blanket wrapped tight enough so that his strong little arms and legs don't wiggle their way out.

He was once again at the top of the size bracket when we went to his two month check up today. Now measuring over 13lbs and almost 25inches, he's seems to be growing fast. He smiled and cooed at the Dr., that is, until he got his shots! We spent the rest of the day taking it easy with Rylin sleeping off the Tylenol.

He got lots of love from my side of the family this past weekend at our Taylor Christmas party. Everyone fought over who would hold him next and be the first to make him smile, and even the some of the guys insisted on their time with Rylin. Here are just a few pics...thanks Donna, for posting some of yours.
My cousin Valerie (who happens to be in labor as I type this with Rylin's cuz Bonnie!)
Valerie's hubby, Bud, practicing...
sweet baby face :)
cousin Jonothan catching his attention
my cousin Crystal...she's a natural
a rare picture with Mommy...I usually have the camera!


  1. I'm so proud of you, I haven't been able to make the "big move" yet. At this rate they may be sleeping with us till kindergarten... ha ha. I can totally relate with swaddle blanket problem. We sterted using a Woombie for the babies to sleep in. You can order them at They are thin and stretchy and they can't get their arms out. And I really think it's helped them sleep better. You may want to try it if you plan on continuing to swaddle Rylin for a while.

  2. Or try the SwaddleMe blankets by Kiddopotamus (9.99 atBRU). They are super easy to put on and more difficult to get out of since they fasten with Velcro. They come in different sizes. We used ours until Dex was about 3 months old.