Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rainbow Cake

Those that know me are aware that I have a tendency to go overboard when it comes to creativity. Please understand that this is not always a good thing. It's the type of ambition that either turns into something fantastic, or something dreadful.

For Easter, I wanted to bake something special. I saw a cake several months ago on another blog that I occasionally read, and knew that I was up for the challenge. I am happy to say that this risk turned out well. Although I spent most of the Saturday before hoarding my Mom's kitchen (to the dismay of my egg coloring niece and nephew), squeezed through two boxes of food coloring, and had to drive to church to find space in a refrigerator to hold the 10" high art piece, everyone loved it and that made it all worth it! So here is the link to the recipe...if you dare, and a few of the only colorful remains!

the four drops from the recipe was a joke...apparently I used a weak food coloring:)
colors not found in nature...but tasty when covered in cream cheese icing!

beginning assembly

my M&M mosaic


  1. Great job!! Its just beautiful!


    Oh! And I use GEL food coloring. Its in the cake decorating and craft isle at Walamrt, or you can order it online. You use a fraction of what you would with the liquid colorings!