Friday, March 26, 2010

5 Months Old

I have a feeling this picture is just going to get more and more difficult! Rylin turned 5 months yesterday and he is definitely more active than ever. He rolls from front to back and back to front quite efficiently, scoots all over the floor, loves his jumperoo, eats some fruit, still hates cereal, and makes all kinds of new noises.

His buddy Reid visited us this week and they had some good play time, though Reid is a bit older and moves a lot faster! Reid will be welcoming a baby sister soon, so it was good practice.

Rylin has a sweet smile that he shows us much more frequently now and even laughs on occasion.


  1. Love the new pics! He's getting so big! I can't believe he's already 5 months old!

  2. Is Rylin really 5 months old?!?! I seriously cannot believe it sweet friends! :) He is SO adorable!! We love and miss you tons! In HIM--Angie Akeman

  3. Can't wait to see him this weekend!