Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wedding Weekend in Wimberley

This last weekend we got to spend a lovely time in Wimberley at Tess's sister's wedding.  These days I am feeling about the size of a house and walking in a full out waddle.  Gone are the days of the cute little bump and fleeting are the memories of breathing normally.  Oh well.  I'll take it for another month.  Still, as we prepared for a little family trip to the hill country, I was wondering if I'd be able to make it.  Luckily our midwife gave the green light at Thursday's appointment and so we picked up Rylin, who had been at my parents since Tuesday, dropped off Mr. D, and hit the road on Friday.  We stopped in Austin and had lunch with Tess and then took her the rest of the way to Wimberley.  Although it's a sweet little town with plenty of things I love, it's not exactly the most kid friendly vacation spot.  We ended up spending most of our free time at the Blanco river.  Most of the local swimming holes don't open until after Memorial Day, but we knew about one place we could have access to the river for fairly cheap, and thank goodness!  Rylin loved swimming in the river and even though it was just warm enough to be enjoyable, there still weren't many other people crowding the area.  On Saturday afternoon we headed to the outdoor wedding set on a hill under an abundance of shade trees and a nice breeze.  Every detail was perfect for the setting and very fitting of Oren and Jordan.  It was great seeing some of Tess's family again after a long time and meeting new people too.  We laughed later at how many times we had to answer "so how do you know Oren & Jordan?" and our surprising answer of "we adopted Oren's nephew".  Most people had heard about us in one way or another but still we had some great conversations about open adoption.  So very cool.  We really experienced one of the great aspects of our relationship this weekend and though Rylin is still a little young to understand, he LOVED getting to see Tess (who he'll now tell you is whose tummy he grew in) and was the life of the party at the reception.  We felt so grateful they let us share in their special day.

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