Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wines Family Weekend

I am way behind but I'm working to catch up!  A few weeks ago (in the aftermath of all that happened in West) we got away for the weekend to our favorite not so little cabin on the lake.  It was a relaxing time with family that I think we all needed.  I was on bed rest (now happy to report to be free) so it was especially laid back for me!  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking...

 The kids quickly found things to entertain themselves...bugs and the hot tub.

 I did some fishing with Emily and Shelby off the new and improved pier.

Then Saturday night the boys and girls split up for a friendly scavenger hunt challenge.  Each had a list of items they had to find outside around the house and tasks they must photograph to send back to me.  Everyone was very involved and the pictures were quite entertaining!  Here are just a few...
 Two team members using shells as accessories. (Mitchell and Luke with their eye patches)

 One team member mimicking a yard statue. (Dad and his best duck face)

 Spell out the answer to this riddle with rocks: What rocks but doesn't roll?

 One team member with an acorn doing his/her best squirrel impression. (Richie has clearly practiced this)

After everyone had gathered back at the house, we watched a slideshow of all of the "answers" and had some good laughs.  The boys beat the girls by one point but we all celebrated with a little dessert.

 Rylin with his smores cone.  The recipe I got here.

 We also tried out some Maple Dark Chocolate Bacon Ice Cream...ehh, not so sure about that one.

 On Sunday morning, my brother Richie made his own crazy concoction: Fattys.

 Dad and David smoked them and then we devoured them!

Bacon wrapped Sausage with potatoes, peppers, onions, eggs and a bunch of other yummies inside!

At the end of the weekend it was sad to leave.  We are blessed to have such times with our family and thankful for my parents Christmas gift tradition of a weekend at the lake!

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