Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Small Fry Soccer

Jordan has been counting down the months until Rylin was old enough to start soccer.  He was quite the soccer player as a kid and just knew that Rylin would be great too!  Oh, but three year olds have a way of humbling you!  We had three weeks of practices and then three weeks of games.  In six weeks we learned a few things...Rylin is pretty coordinated and not so bad at making goals, but he is definitely more interested in socializing during plays and turning a "boring" game of soccer into a full contact sport.  Man am I glad this season is over!  I have discovered I'm one of those yelling moms.  You know the kind that can't control themselves.  And when your kid is getting into trouble a majority of the game, you tend to yell more.  Of course Rylin LOVES to watch the videos I made and laugh at all the things Mommy and Daddy are yelling.  He does his best impressions..."stop flirting with the girls on the other team", "the ball!  the ball! we're playing soccer here!", "Rylin, no tackling".  Oh this boy.  He did look pretty dang cute in his soccer gear though:)

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