Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Did I mention we're completely done with diapers?!!  Wowza, am I glad we have potty training behind us.  It was NOT my favorite stage of parenting.  Rylin has been doing great and I am happy to be on to the next adventure.  No, I'm not changing diapers anymore, but I am cleaning the bathroom 1,000 times more!

This week we also completed and passed our second fire safety inspection (whoohoo!) and are now just holding out for our foster care license.  I've sent everything to the agency, but no surprise that we are waiting without any response just yet.  We are getting really good at waiting (I'm almost proud of how patient we've become) and are just going to let things happen when the timing is right.  In the mean time, this sweet boy keeps us entertained and on our toes daily!

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