Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Maybe One Day...

I can't believe how long this whole Foster Care process is taking.  It was as if we were zipping on along and then just hit a few road blocks.  After we finally completed our home study, the health inspector completed their check and we only needed the fire marshal to sign off.  We were instructed to let them contact us and after a month I emailed the agency again.  No response.  Then I found out our contact was no longer there.  After another month, I was finally told to contact them myself and then given the number to the wrong city!  I finally got things sorted out and we had our fire inspection two weeks ago...only to find out they were looking for some things that weren't on our list given by the agency.  UGGGGHHH!  So last week I went to purchase another smoke detector (for the closet with the breaker box...making a total of 5 for our 1,800 sq ft house), a 5lb fire extinguisher (apparently 3lb didn't cut it), and moved the gas for the mower onto a high metal shelf in the garage.  The only thing left was an "immovable" fire screen for the fireplace we have never used.  After scouring Craigslist and every home improvement store, I had nothing.  Wrong season to be looking for fireplace accessories it turns out.  I finally found what we needed without spending our last dime at a fireplace specialty store yesterday.  So tonight I am typing up (instead of drawing out) our fire escape plan so that I can hopefully reschedule our fire inspection for Friday or early next week.  Do I sound bitter?  Not really.  Just ready to be done with all of it.  Will we ever be "done with it" when it comes to Foster Care...probably not any time soon! 

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