Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Family Weekend at the Lake

Last weekend we headed to the lake for our annual family weekend.  It rained the entire way there, but after a good dousing, the clouds cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful weekend.

The moms on Mother's Day

The kids, of course, enjoyed the hot tub and got plenty of swimming time in.

 We sat on the deck most of the weekend and lounged around.

Rich and Jenn went for a jog while the rest of us were lazy...

When the kids got warmed up from the hot tub, they jumped in the lake.

 Even Rylin took a turn on the slide.

The guys played a little baseball before Shelby and I went kayaking.

 As the "activities director" I decided to plan a Murder Mystery dinner for us.  We picked a western theme and Saturday night everyone dressed up and got into character.

The kids really got into it, and everyone had a fun time (laughing a lot) and trying to figure out who was going to meet an unfortunate end and who would be the culprit.

In the end it was Papa, aka Wavy Will Bronchos.  He returned from the bathroom in his ghostly getup and wasn't allowed to speak for the rest of the game!  Shelby, aka Abby Oakley turned out to be his killer.

The weekend always goes by too fast, but that's how we know we're having fun!  We are thankful for our family and grateful for our time together.

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