Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Growing Chickens

It dawned on me today that I haven't updated on our four girls in a while.  They have been growing daily and about a month ago were big enough to move into their new coop.  We were still being cautious about letting them out in the yard while Duke was around when one day Jordan forgot and left their coop door open.  When he remembered, he found a crazed bulldog and four frightened with an obvious injury.  Not being a chicken vet, I can only speculate that she badly bruised her breast.  We separated Petunia and it was touch and go for two weeks.  Jordan was literally ready to "axe" her twice and then, as if she heard of his grim plans, she would take a turn for the better.  This week she is finally back to her old self.

Petunia during her daily "rehab".  Balancing on one leg with her wings down.

What can I say?  You get attached to them:)

So other than our injured reserve chicken, the rest of them have been doing great.  I let them out to free range when I'm home (and the doggy door is closed up).  They are quite peculiar and very friendly.  They will pretty much come right up to you and peck around, though some are more outgoing than others.  At night they jump back in the coop and I shut them up.  So far they haven't been a bother to our garden.

One day while the kids were out looking for worms, Francis got curious too!

Looking for snacks.

It will probably be another six weeks before we see our first eggs, but they are keeping us entertained in the mean time.  Love these chickens!

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