Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meet the Chicks

This week we finially decided on baby chicks instead of grown hens and I found a lady who raised all of the breeds I wanted. So on Saturday, the three of us headed to the country to pick up our four 3 1/2 week old chicks. After getting them home and into their temporary lodging, we introduced them to Duke. He was unimpressed for the most part, but curious of their foreign aroma.

And the girls are...left to right, Gerty (Speckeled Sussex), Sissy (Golden Laced Wyandotte), Petunia (New Hampshire Red), and Francis (Barred Rock).

Petunia (or P-toot as Jordan is calling her) is the most curious of the bunch. She will stick her head up to your hand and is quite the social one of the group. Francis is shy but always active. Jordan says she is his favorite but he can never remember her name.

I can already tell Sissy is going to be the boss. She pecks at the others if they get in her way and when I bring them the occasional bug, she always manages to get it! Gerty on the other hand is always sleeping and easy to catch. She is the most docile and quiet.

I love how you can already tell so much about their personalities. Jordan and I like to sit and watch them, and I'm sure they will only get more amusing as they grow up into hens.

Rylin loves the chicks too and likes to tell each one "hello" and "goodbye" by name. I'm not sure he's figured out they are laying hens though, because he keeps saying "momma, eat shickens!"

They will stay under the heat lamp for another two weeks and then move to their fancy coop. Hopefully, in a few more months we'll have some eggs!

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  1. have i mentioned that i'm impressed with you? well, i am. :)