Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Urban Country Dream

If you've met me, it's no secret I'm from the country. More than once a week I get a familiar question from a stranger..."WHERE are you from?" TEXAS people...this is what a Texan sounds like!!! Growing up in rural Leroy,TX has shaped more than just my accent, though. I love being in the country. Quiet breeze, fresh smells, animals, and wide open spaces. Don't get me wrong, I like the conveniences of living in the city, but I've always kinda longed for a little of both. I've been on a mission to get my husband to move to what I've deemed the Urban Country for a while now. The Urban planner in him hates that I call it this because he says that doesn't exist...but I know better. The Urban Country is about fifteen minutes from our house where horses and green fields abound and the city is just a few songs on the radio away. Still, this city boy ain't going anywhere anytime soon. So the country girl in me has decided to adapt in the mean time. I follow several other blogs that talk about urban gardening, chicken raising and even bee keeping and this got me thinking that maybe I could have a little of my country dreams in the city. First, I talked Jordan into building me a couple raised garden beds. I found some on Pinterest and he managed to reproduce them in an afternoon. Rylin and I love going out and looking at our growing veggies.

Then, I convinced my brother to build me a chicken coop! We had to take down part of the fence to get it in the backyard, but we made it work. I have been driving to the previously mentioned urban country for my fresh, free range eggs and decided it was time to get them out of my own back yard. Bet you didn't know that most cities don't have laws about keeping chickens. So in a few weeks, we will be adding four new members to the family. We are still trying to decide if we'll get chicks or grown hens.

So I don't live in the country. Maybe I can have a little bit of what I like about it. Don't count on me throwing bee hives in the mix, but my own compost heap...definitely!

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