Sunday, March 18, 2012

Upholstery...Better Left to The Experts

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I've been busy with designing a modern, fun apartment for my cousin Crystal, her husband Rick, and little Crosby. You may remember when I threw a baby shower for her or designed Crosby's nursery. To say I love this girl like a sister is obvious by the amount of time that I give to her! I've had a lot of fun being creative and spending her money too:)

We had a plan to decorate their townhome for several months now, but in the mean time, Crystal and Rick decided to serve with the Apartment ministry CARES. This meant a move for them and a re-design for me. We've been doing lots of long distance design meetings (they're in Houston) and in a couple of weeks I'll go down for the "install". First on my list of things to do, though, was to have a couple chairs reupholstered. Crystal acquired two wing back chairs from her Grandmother's estate when she died, and though they really weren't their style, she wanted to find a place for them. A few decades old fabric and a fall out of the back of her Dad's truck on I35 left them screaming for an update.

So I dialed up my best-kept-secret upholsterer to get an estimate. $375 per chair not including fabric. I called Crystal with the bad news and she responded just as expected..."Can't you just do it?" Instead of being reasonable, realistic, and telling her no, I took on this behemoth of a challenge. Who's idea was it again to upholster them in chevron? Oh yea, that'd be me. Friday I set out to deconstructing and boy, was that chair ever stapled!

I carefully removed all the fabric and laid each piece out on the new fabric to pin and cut. While the fabric was off, I sanded and stained the scratched legs. Then Saturday morning I began sewing piping and the sections that were attached to each other before slowly putting it piece by piece back together.

Luckily I found a video tutorial on Pinterest about reupholstering a chair that clued me in to a few upholstery hardware pieces that made my job easier. Still, the arms nearly killed me and I ended up hand stitching the piping to make it lay just how I wanted it. My fingers and hands look like I've been working hard labor, but I finished! Worth every cent of $375!

Oh, and that other chair...don't you think it would just look good with a slip cover?!

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