Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Weekend

We look forward to Easter every year. As I've mentioned in the past, it is the biggest holiday for my family. This year Rylin and I went to my parents a little early and got to spend some time with MiMi and Papa to ourselves. This is what greeted us as we came up the drive...

The bluebonnets were as thick as I've ever seen them and everything was so green because of all the rain we've been getting. My Dad is proud of his windmill and it was quite picturesque with the horses and sea of blue flowers.

We prepared food for Sunday lunch and Rylin helped Mimi fill eggs for our Easter hunt.

The main attraction for the weekend was Papa's new mare and week old colt, though. Since my Dad was young, he has always wanted a mare and colt and this past year, bred their horse Scout who was to foal just a few weeks before Easter. In an emotional delivery, the filly did not make it and our whole family was grief stricken. Then, just a few days later, after seeing an ad on Facebook from the Houston SPCA, my sister-in-law convinced my Dad to apply for a Mare that had been rescued who foaled a colt just a few days after ours. As fate would have it, the people at the SPCA chose my Dad's application and he was home with two new horses the next day!

Roxie and Buck

My nieces and nephews took turns riding the other horses and Rylin had to get on himself. He is much better about holding on now and was really enjoying his ride.

On Saturday Papa took him out into the pasture to spread some dirt. And man does this boy ever love his Papa. And dirt.

I helped the big kids dye Easter eggs, a tradition that I've been doing since I was their age. We were having a big group on Sunday and we counted 130 eggs that we dyed! We had quite the assembly line.

Rylin had to get in another ride...this time without pants! Won't be able to do that much longer:)

We were also excited that Rylin's buddy Atticus (and his parents) got to join us Saturday afternoon. These boys entertained each other and had no problem finding ways to get in trouble.

I tried for some cliche bluebonnet pictures but Rylin was not willing to cooperate. Instead I snapped this funny moment right before he free fell into the soft bed of flowers!

He definitely caught on to hunting eggs quickly. Although he still wanted to open and eat each one before moving on to the next!

It was a fun weekend, and in the end, we weren't quite ready to go home. (Though I think Mimi and Papa were ready to have a quite house again!)

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