Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Play Room Update

I have been a busy worker bee the last few weeks when it comes to this play room! One project has run into another and our house is a mess of hot glue strings, scraps of material, and receipts from IKEA. My legs still look like I had a bad spray tan from the orange paint I used on my Craigslist trundle bed find. However, the end is in sight! Feeling guilty for not blogging through it, I decided a sneak preview was in order before my reveal. Here is a little idea of what I've been working on...

Sadly, against my wishes while I was gone, (I promise I'm over it now) my husband let Rylin play in it before I had finished a few final touches. He LOVES it! Now, all I have to say is "go play in your play room", and he spins around the corner to his new little oasis!

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