Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beach Break

Last weekend we set off for a little vacation time in Galveston. Rylin had never been to the beach so we thought it would be a fun summer trip. My brother and his wife have gone the last few summers with their kids, so we picked them up on the way to join in our fun. The trip there was a long one but the kids did great.

After a flat tire and several bathroom breaks we finally made it. Our condo on the beach was great even though it was pretty small for all seven of us!

We wasted no time to hit the beach. Rylin was so excited when he saw the water. He headed straight for the waves then back again when he realized they were chasing him!

Some of our cousins joined us and we set up our tent for the weekend. The beach was nice and private without a lot of people so we had plenty of room to make sand castles and when my nephew wasn't up for being buried, Rylin volunteered!

Saturday, my cousin Crystal and Crosby joined us and we spent the entire day on the beach.

Along with finding sand in all our bags, hair, shoes, and car...I'm still finding it in diapers!

Rylin and Luke were two of a kind. Luke had a little shadow the entire weekend. Rylin loves his cousins!

Besides our less than desirable sleeping arrangements (Rylin in the bed with us because we forgot the pack-n-play) and sunburns, we were not ready to come home. Can't wait to hit the beach again next year!

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  1. These pics are wonderful and sounds like your trip was, too :)

    I cannot believe Rylin was ok w/ being "buried"! ;-)