Sunday, November 8, 2009

Visits from Friends

I hesitate to say it, but I think we are getting into a groove. The latter part of this week was much easier than the first (which involved the breakdown of my body in a stress laden heap). Rylin has been sleeping in his bassinet at night all bundled in his swaddle blanket (bless the person who invented that thing, and bless those friends who bought them for me!) and has been spending more time awake during the day. I even ventured out on Thursday to see my buddies from work of which I so abruptly left a couple of Friday's ago. I tried not to get too emotional seeing them because we all know that I have now moved on to my new job (which I LOVE by the way), and will see them much less now. They were so excited to meet Rylin and we had a great visit. Here is the only picture I got (promise I'll get better) of Rylin and his "uncle" Dale.

We have had a steady stream of visitors since Rylin came home. Here are a few of his fan club members.

Aunt Ashley
Cousin Aubrey
Aunt Magdalene
Mary Alice
Today was another big day. We have been texting Tess since the entrustment ceremony, but haven't seen each other since then in order that we could all get adjusted. She and her mom were able to come by today for a much anticipated visit. Again, we are reminded of how blessed we are with the relationship we have with she and her family. We always enjoy our time together, and were all sad when they had to leave. Hopefully we will be seeing each other again soon.

Tess (LOVE this pic!)
He is changing every day, and I am surprised by different things he does all the time. He is definitely more vocal in the last week and hates getting his diaper changed and being sponge bathed (we'll be happy when the umbilical cord falls off). He now focuses on your face when you hold him, and likes to sleep with his hand in your shirt! He snorts when he gets mad, smiles when he passes gas, and puckers his lips when he wants his pacifier. His two week Dr's check up is tomorrow, but I already know the little guy has to be over 9 lbs by now. He loves to eat! All our cute newborn outfits are barely fitting now, so here are a few more pictures before we pack them up until the next baby(don't tell Jordan I said that)!

Duke has taken over the Boppy pillow!
bright eyes at 6am...he's a morning boy!
on our way to get Daddy Breakfast at Braums (and let him sleep)!


  1. Sniff....sniff......tell him he has a whole fan club that hasn't seen him yet. I might just have to make an excuse to come to Dallas.... :) Thanks for the update!

  2. We are so happy for you and looks like duke has adjusted well. i can't believe how big he has gotten! great pics! can't wait to see him in person. love you guys! Valerie and Bud

  3. Love the pic with porky trying to fit on the pillow. :D He's almost as cute as Rylin! And I am part of Donna's fan club that hasn't gotten to see him yet, :( Hopefully in February!