Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So the last three weeks we have been a little couped up in our house due to Dr.'s orders not to go out. I HATE that the season has kept us from exploring things together, but we have taken resolve in walks around the neighborhood. Because the weather has been so beautiful, we have made them a daily ritual. Rylin loves his stroller as long as its moving, and Duke is finally getting the hang of walking next to it at the same pace.


  1. Wow! Duke actually looks, dare I say, trim! Is that a waistline I see??!!
    Can't wait to see that boy at Thanksgiving. I hope you have prepared him to be smothered with love! Kim R

  2. Oh how I miss those TX winters! It's already snowed in KS and it's on it's way here! Glad your able to get out and about. :)

  3. Kim - at first I thought you were going to smother DUKE with love.......... :) :) :) :)

    Yes I'm anxiously awaiting to see Rylin, too!!!!! We might have a war in my house fighting over who holds him first. Of course, that would be ME.