Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Make Me a Match

The last few days we have been pretty antsy...just waiting for some kind of news from our agency. I have been trying to stay busy with work and other things so that I don't have to think about the adoption, and I told myself that if we had been selected, we would have heard by now. So today when my cell phone rang at work, I was totally not expecting it to be the maternity worker at the agency. She had news. The birthmother had picked our profile along with another couple's in hopes of getting to interview both of us in person. This is typically not the case, in that our agency encourages birthmothers to only have a face to face interview with one couple, and if there is any question, to instead have several phone interviews. Apparently, this birthmother was pretty persistent, so they were calling to see if it was O.K. with us. It was actually a relief for me. I would definitely have trouble myself choosing a family to raise my child from a piece of paper with pictures, and I hate awkward phone conversations. So our meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday at the agency. I got to talk to the maternity worker about more specifics of the situation and it really does sound like an answer to prayer. I don't want to divulge too much too soon, as it is a real possibility that she could choose the other couple, but I promise to update with more details if we are matched next week. Talk about anticipation! Luckily, we are going to Houston on Friday for a family weekend we do every year with my Dad's side of the family, and I know it will be just the thing to help us take our mind off of things and have a good time.


  1. wow! how exciting. but what a terrible wait. i feel for you, but can't wait to read an update next week!

  2. I am so pumped (but, of course cautiously optimistic too!)!!!
    I can't wait to see how God orchestrates the rest of this story. And please let us know if we can do anything at all!

  3. I've been looking at your blog almost everyday so I don't bug you about it! We are so excited. We will be praying for you, the birth family, and the baby. We love you!
    Jennifer Wines

  4. A little birdie called me this morning and told me to look on your blog. Praying! Hugs and Love,