Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The frustration of waiting

I have been putting off this post because I thought I might have more to share, but it seems we'll be waiting a bit longer. We got a call early in the morning last week from the director of the agency telling us that we had been approved, but she needed to know our financial situation at this moment as they had a birthmother coming in the same day who was due in one month and they wanted to show our profile. We were shocked, stunned, panicked, and...realistic. We told her that we hadn't been able to apply for any grants/loans because we were still waiting for our home study to be completed as all of the applications required this. We were comfortable with her showing our profile (that we would come up with the rest of the money some way if we were picked) but that they should know that we didn't currently have it. She told me she had to talk to someone else at the agency, as it wasn't her call to make, and that she would get back to me. In the mean time, she encouraged us to do our grant/loan paperwork and they would expedite our home study. That was Wednesday...this is Tuesday. Still no word about anything. Jordan was able to take off work and complete all our grant/loan paperwork and send it off last Thursday. I have left several messages with the director, but know that she has been in and out of the office. We scrambled to get everything together, and now it seems like we are back to waiting.

This is really the hardest part. I'm so ready to just be excited and have something tangible to look forward to. As of now, it has been one roller coaster after another. Hurry up...then slow down. Thanks for the encouraging notes and emails. I'll update as soon as I know more.

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