Thursday, November 3, 2011

Super Rylin

Awhile back, I decided that it was probably the last year I could put my little boy in spandex for Halloween without it looking rediculous. So, true to form, I was sewing a little superhero costume a couple days after his birthday party and just a day before he needed to wear it for our church's Fall Festival.

He and Attie (puppy) were excited to see each other when we arrived!

He got his fill of candy and kept returning to the bucket!

I can remember Halloween when I was a kid...getting dressed up, and loading on a flat bed trailer full of hay to scout out the neighborhood for loads of candy. It was one of the most exciting nights of the year for me, so when my cousins said they were thinking of taking the little kids on a hay ride this year, Rylin and I were in! Of course, I demanded the adults wear costumes too, of which no one seemed to have. However, my Mom's junk closet turned out to be better than any Halloween costume superstore! After using our imaginations, we suited up and headed out for the candy loot.

Sweet little Monkey Crosby! So serious...

The whole group (hippie, 80's arobics instructor, superhero, monkey, scarecrow, army girl, meat packer)

Super Rylin!

We had a blast and Rylin was too funny going door to door saying "treat, treat!" He wanted to eat every piece of candy on the spot. I have some great pictures of him in action, but my behind in those sweats is too horrid for this blog! I'm sure they will come back to haunt me!

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