Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rylin's New Old Bed

My Dad and brothers, 1976 in a photo for the local newspaper

Almost forty years ago my woodworking father built a really cool bed for my brothers. The firetruck bunk bed is infamous in our family. Constructed out of plywood and painted by my mother to match the Leroy-Tours-Gerald fire trucks (of which she painted the numbers on the same year), it was a little boys dream. I grew up seeing pictures of my brothers and their friends sitting in it. When my Mom was teaching first grade she even had it in her classroom as a reading nook. Since we put together our playroom, it was assumed that it would soon be merged into a bedroom as well. Either for Rylin or for his siblings. It was a while ago that I remembered that firetruck bed collecting dust in my parents garage attic. I knew that it needed to be resurrected! So for Rylin's birthday, I convinced my dad and brother to haul it down from the top of the garage and my husband to squeeze it into the playroom and assemble...without instructions. We're still married and it looks great! Rylin loves it and soon he'll be sleeping in it...hopefully:) For now he has enjoyed playing inside and filling the toy box under the "hood".

My brothers, Richie & David

...and our little ham

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