Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So Long "Joosh"

It has been my goal from the beginning to be rid of the pacifiers (or "joosh" as Rylin calls them) in our house by the time Rylin was two. We were doing pretty well around one, just using them at nap and bed time, and then backslid a bit with the onset of molars. Who am I kidding? He was using two or three! However, when Mothers Day Out started, we went back to sleeping times only because that is what they "encourage" for his room while there. Then, just as I had planned (I note because my plans never work) we ceremoniously threw them away the morning of his birthday. Never to return. So far he has done great! Adelay gave him a stuffed Cookie Monster for his birthday, so instead of giving him the paci, we look for "Cookie" at bed time and he cuddles it all night. He has only asked for the "joosh" a few times and I told him that it was for a baby and he was now a big boy. He seemed to buy that explanation. If only potty training was this easy!

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