Friday, December 24, 2010

Woody Wagon Make Over

I've been collecting all kinds of things for Rylin's Christmas presents (trying not to go overboard) for several months. He recently discovered a Tiny Tikes Cozy Coupe at Attie's house and was all over it. I couldn't help but think I had to get him his own. I scoured Craig's List and found a rare edition woody wagon for a good bargain, though it was in need of some work.

I should tell you that this was a special find because growing up we had a brown woody station wagon that embarrassed the crap out of me. I remember sitting in the front seat on the "hump" (the middle armrest) so I could see out the window. I remember my brothers fighting and farting in the back seat. I remember the little flower my mom painted on the front seat to disguise a tiny spot one of us left in the vinyl. I was never so happy to see that thing go, though my parents replaced it with an almost equally embarrassing silver Buick station wagon. So when I saw the tiny wagon online, it brought all those memories back. And I laughed. I was determined to make Rylin's woody wagon a lot cooler!
A few cans of plastic spray paint, my own homemade stickers, Jordan's handy work repairing the faux wood panels, and I thought twice about taking it for a spin down the block myself!

I know Rylin will be excited when he sees it under the tree tomorrow morning...though he could probably care less about our little restoration job!


  1. what a RIOT!!! awesome to have those memories and connections w/ it-- he'll love hearing those funny tales and why you got this as his first little vehicle ;)


  2. ps. i would have never thought to repaint it-- kudos!!

  3. Yall are too freaken handy!!! Nice job lady. Hope it was a great Christmas! xoxo

  4. Hey, by the way, how in the world did you paint the little cell phone?!

  5. I stumbled across this post... we just picked up the same "woody" for my son's birthday and we're going to fix it up. I was wondering how you did the stickers, the ones on our's are pretty much gone!

    1. I bought sticker paper from Office Depot and printed on it with a laser printer. Not permanent, but about the same durability as what was there.