Monday, August 2, 2010

Recent Happenings

So there are a few things I've left out of the blog that have been sitting in my camera waiting to be seen. Here's what we've been up to lately...

About a week ago, we dog sat for my brother's dog Jake. He and Duke are good buddies.

Now he and Rylin are too!

Jake is a great dog around kids and he let Rylin climb all over him and never even winced. I think he just likes attention...even if it's negative! I made sure Rylin wasn't too rough on him, though. Jordan did have fun trying to walk both dogs. Duke goes slow and Jake goes fast, but somehow he managed without falling on the pavement like I probably would have!

This last weekend was Jordan's 10 year high school reunion. Usually these things are a snore for the spouse who didn't go to the same school, but I actually had a good time. Since Jordan went to a small private school, there were less than thirty in his class and I knew a few of them from college. Friday night was a fun "adult" night, and Saturday was a family picnic. I think Jordan really enjoyed catching up with some of his old friends and showing off Rylin.

Rylin was HOT, and not so up for taking pictures!

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