Saturday, August 14, 2010

Growing Like a Weed

I am continually impressed by what Rylin learns every day. It seems like he does something new all the time. Several weeks ago at his Gramps and Grammie's, he took his first couple steps alone and since then has gotten braver. He will now venture out into the open room (not just between furniture) for four or five steps before loosing his balance. I have thus far been unable to capture the moment on video, but here are a few blurry pictures of his increasing independence!

This week, while at the mall with friends, I casually handed him a juice box assuming he wouldn't be able to drink from the straw. Was I ever wrong! He had the whole thing sucked down before we left...

I had to include one more picture from this week of what, thanks to inspiration from the recent Discovery Channel Shark Week, I have titled "Feeding Frenzy". We are keeping Jake again and he and Duke are especially excited when it's Rylin's time to eat.


  1. oh my! he's so advanced! Pax is just starting to let go some, but not many independent steps. so proud of mister Rylin.

  2. i love the juicebox pic :)

    he's like "oh yeah, i got this" !!!

  3. He's hanging on to that juice box! Love the pic of he and Jordan. Super sweet!