Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 29th birthday (sniff, sniff), but my family and friends made it a good one. My parents came to visit Friday and spent the night, so we had a nice breakfast and visit Saturday morning. Early morning. Rylin decided that he would wish me happy birthday at 5:30AM. Booo! It did get the day started, though. After lunch my parents left to visit my brother and his family and Jordan and I dropped Rylin off at my friend Deliahna's. We visited the "Bodies" exhibit downtown that I had been bugging Jordan about seeing. It was quite interesting, but also a little unsettling. I made Jordan take me shopping before we went to dinner so that we could recover! When we picked up Rylin, he was worn out from playing with Adelay but he had made me a card (with his toes).
Too cute!
I hate getting another year older, but then there's the I guess I'll suck it up and enjoy my last year of the 20's!


  1. That card is adorable!!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!! Even tho, yes, you got another year older (someone HAS to figure out how to stop that from happening)...looks like you had a good one! I love it when they fall on the weekend :) Wishing you many many more with your precious family