Thursday, October 29, 2009

4 day Update

Thanks for all your kind welcomes to little Rylin! Here are a few more pictures from yesterday and today. He had his first check up this morning and has gained 5oz. They tested his blood again for jaundice, but thought that he looked good. He is still pretty happy and content, and doesn't really fuss much (though everyone jumps up as soon as we hear a whimper!) No doubt he's already spoiled!
on the way to first Dr.'s check up

conked out from the car ride home

snuggling with Daddy

Ju Ju and Gramps


  1. ok, i am totally stalking. i love these pictures! and with each update, i am seeing that beautiful brown skin coming to the surface. and that excites me!! we are going to meet one day . . .i'm sure Rylin and Paxton will love to play together. did i mention he was beautiful? he IS!!!!

  2. Me, too Melodie! :) Love that photo with Jordan snuggling! What does Duke think about all this?

  3. We need to see some pictures of Mommy and Rylin! He's absolutely gorgeous...PERFECT! Yes, I, too, am a stalker! Love you guys! Cheryl & Steve