Thursday, October 29, 2009

Duke and his Little Brother

Many of you have asked how Duke is taking this new addition to the family. So far, because Rylin hasn't cried too much, I think he likes him pretty well. When we sit on the sofa he likes to smell his feet and today he rest his chin on Rylin's back while he was sleeping on my chest. I think they will probably be good friends (especially since Duke doesn't have a tail that can be pulled!)


  1. Sweet, sweet friends! Congratulations!!!!! We are so happy for both of you and Rilyn! We look forward to meeting your sweet SON someday soon! We love you and we are praying for each of you daily! In HIM--Paul and Angie

  2. Love the pictures, and dangit...still can't read your blog without tears :D but they are such happy tears! Shawn, Ryan, and I can't wait to meet Rylin!!

  3. ROFLOL.....Duke is making sure he still has his place. Cute photos!