Monday, November 4, 2013

4 Years Old!

I can hardly believe it's been four years since we brought our sweet little boy home!  He is full of energy and keeps us smiling...which is a good thing because he can be a total stinker too!  He is smart and silly and I love seeing his little personality grow.  This years interview was much easier.

What is your name? Rylin Marshall Everhart

How old are you? Four

What is your brother's name? Miles

What is your favorite thing about Miles?  His baby toys

What does Daddy do during the day? work

What does Daddy do at work?  He talks on his computer, and works

What does Mommy do during the day? You go to work

What does Mommy do at work?  Check on your computer

Who is your best friend? Atticus

What's your favorite thing to do with Atticus? play Spiderman and Batman

Who are your other friends? Adelay, Bea, Penelope, Leighton, Luke, Mitchell, Emmie, Curry (Cory), Carson, Ms. Bass, Jaxon
What is your favorite color? green

What is your favorite song? Astronaut (no idea?)

What is your favorite food? pizza

What is your favorite food to cook?  eggs
What is your favorite book? Jake (Jake and the Neverland Pirates)

What is your favorite movie? The Iron Giant

What is your favorite toy? Optimus Prime and Heatwave (Transformers)
What is your favorite sport? Baseball

What is your favorite football team? Luke's Team! (loves watching his cousin Luke play baseball)

He still loves his bulldog, Duke.  In fact, I'm usually telling him to leave Duke alone.  Though Duke is quite patient and probably just enjoys the little attention he gets these days!

We may have him on a paleo diet, but this kid would lead you to believe that all he likes is candy, pizza, chocolate, and french fries!

He's gotten really good at riding his bike and I think it won't be long before he ditches the training wheels!

He's a great big brother and likes to love on his "best little brother".  He's great at giving him his paci, making him laugh, and scaring him too!

He LOVES both sets of grandparents and visiting them at their houses.  He recently discovered fishing and go carts at Mimi and Papa's.

His favorite activity by far is cooking!  I love this!  He is great with helping me and Jordan and his kitchen is still one of his most played with toys.

He always wants us to scratch his back!  He loves it when you comb his hair, clean his ears, and rub his feet too!

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