Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Day Of Mother's Day Out

No I haven't been dreaming of this day for weeks. It is nothing like me to order a matching backpack and lunch box well in advance. I definitely didn't stay up several nights before sewing a coordinating nap mat. Or did I?

Yesterday was Rylin's first day of Mother's Day Out. To say I was more excited then he was, is probably an understatement. We met his teachers last week and he got to play in the classroom while Jordan and I went to orientation. He pretty much made himself at home and went straight to cooking at the play stove. I said a little prayer that he didn't scare the teachers with his boundless energy as we left him, and they were still smiling when we picked him up so I suppose he was on his best behavior. We'll see how long that lasts!

It was fun preparing his little lunch and packing it in the morning. I have recently become a follower of This Lunch Rox. She makes all kinds of creative and healthy lunches for her kids and the silly themes she comes up with are right up my alley. Makes me think of notes in my own lunch box, peanut butter sandwiches and ice in my milk...yuck! My Mom tried:) I went easy on the first day. (didn't want his teachers to think I'm going to be the high maintenance mom)
He was such a big boy carrying his backpack in the door. Then as soon as we got to the classroom he realized what was going on. Not a happy camper, but that didn't stop me from making a quick escape. I set out to tackle the mile long list of things I had to do while not caring for a almost two year old. I even managed to finish them all thirty minutes before I had to leave to pick him up, so I sat down in our living room chair and sighed. A mother's work is (almost) never done!
When we (Jordan had to go with me) finally picked him up, he was happy to see us. He got a little report that he had laid on his mat good and LOVED music time....and that he made his teachers smile a lot!

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  1. Love how the nap mat turned out!! You are so talented and creative :) I am going to check out the lunch link you put up as well.